About Us

At DorsumTech,

we are committed in helping you move better to feel your best, and strive to inspire you to achieve more.






We Believe

injuries can be avoided,
pain reduced,
and performance unleashed.


Our History

Founded in July 2017 by Leo Ochoa, Dorsum became the answer to the many stories of career-ending back injuries the team has received. 
With a combined experience over 25 years in sportswear apparel & footwear, healthcare devices, biomedical, and automotive engineering, the team focuses on innovative solutions for back health. 
Dorsum creates personal body support devices to reduce the risk of injury, starting with spine centric postural aids. The company launched their introductory product the Dorsum Exospine™ at the end of 2019. 
Inspired by Leo’s lived experience as a wildland firefighter, Dorsum strives to build products that help protect the human body from potential injury, with a mission to free the world from back pain.