Proper Posture Improves Your Performance

The Dorsum Exospine in action training actors to prepare them for action-roles. Trained by actor, fight choreographer, stunt performer, and filmmaker Tony Surphman who has worked on multiple Netflix Productions from The Witcher & Cobra Kai as well as working with Amazon Prime Video's Citadel & Paramount's Snake Eyes as well as Sony's Matrix franchise producing action content.
Tony is a stunt-coordinator at SAS Movie Studio's in Hollywood, and passionate Creative Director, who's driven by producing top-notch visuals while providing the right gear and personal training support equipment for his action students. 

A better way to support you in high performance gym activities



This back-saver effortlessly supports your back

"Without restricting movements and with real ergonomic support for your body, the Dorsum Exospine works toward increasing your healthy and active life."

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